kodi keeps restarting

  • Hello. Help me please. My kodi version 9.2.4 (on a raspberry pi 2) reboots by itself, it happens suddenly. usually at night while I sleep, I wake up and the TV is on. of the add-ons, only pvr iptv simple client and Gismetio are installed. and I have 2 raspberry pi. on both PIs such a problem. it started recently ~ 2-3 weeks ago. I attach the log. thanks.


    • kodi1.log

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  • Looks like your CEC connection is acting up. Can you doublecheck if it is properly enabled on your TV?

  • UP!

    Kody turned on the TV again. I checked uptime, the time online is 4 days 14 hours. very strange. I attach the logs.


  • Why do you enable debugging for a short amount of time, not even a full minute?

    Enable debugging, restart LibreELEC, reproduce the error(s), and provide the new log file. And now you can disable debugging again if that is important.

  • You already enabled AND disabled the debugging setting in your last log file.

    And now you're asking where that setting for enabling/disabling debugging is?

    I'm confused...

  • the solution to the problem was to rollback the PVR client version from to and disabling the plugin Gismeteo (he stopped working altogether). thank you very much for your participation))).