Rar:ed TV shows not added to library

  • Hi, I am very confuzzled. I'm running Leia 18.8 on my Raspberry Pi 4, and I have TV shows and movies that I want in my library. All movies show up, both ones that are mkv-files and rar:ed ones. But, for the TV shows only the mkv-files show up my library. I can find and watch the episodes that are rar:ed if I go to them via the file system, but I want them in my library. I've got Rar archive support installed.

    If I can't get this working I'd prefer installing an older version of Kodi on my pi to get all rar things working straight off the bat, but I can't find any way to do that either.

    Is anyone familiar with this problem or might have an idea to why it's not fully working for me?