• Hi, I successfully installed LibreElec on my MXQ PRO RK3229, but the remote isn't working. Is there any fix please? Thank you

  • Hi Matynet

    Please, I have one MXQ PRO RK3229 (ARM V7 - 4 core), made in China, but this box is very SLOW so it is impossible to run a KODI ...
    in addition many times it crashed (stricked) without reason.

    So, I want to install another OS and/or firmware to become it useful for me, at least as a Linux console.

    Interesting that this TV BOX :

    is a best seller in Brazil, a product of low quality. :evil::evil::evil:

    So, give me the steps how did you get install a linux in SD card and run it.
    What is the image that you used?
    How did you flash it?
    Normally I use

    # dd if=IMAGE_FILE.img of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=4096 status=progress conv=fdatasync
    for a SD-CARD.

    Could you give all the steps in detail?:):):):)