Run Kodi-x11 on RPI4 to enable chomrium

  • Hi

    Is there a way to get kodi up and running on x11 display server for Raspberry Pi 4?

    Has anyone tried this? I want to do this so that i can run chromium along side LibreElec.

    I can make chormium with ozone_gbm and use it after killing kodi but my intention is to use it along with kodi.

  • blganesh101

    Changed the title of the thread from “Run Kodi-x11 on RPI4 to ebnable chomrium” to “Run Kodi-x11 on RPI4 to enable chomrium”.
  • You could just install Raspberry Pi OS and then install Kodi from the package manager. No need for LibreElec for that setup since you want a fuller operating system.

    Works fine on a pi4.