Project M issue

  • Project M works on a Nvida machine with the latest LE download and Project M from the LE repository, however when it runs it does not become a foreground task as it does on Kodi Windows install, leaving all of the menu items visible. Is there a way to have this function work as per Kodi windows version. First Post so sorry if I have missed something as I did a fair bit of research and investigation before posting.

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  • Hello!

    You have to select "start Music virtualization in fullscreen" or Something Like that.

    Or you can Switch to fullscreen manually.



  • Appears there is that option in Estuary and yes it does work as a manual fix. No such option though in Transparency. Will have to keep researching and testing.

    A shame when the windows version of KODI just works and does it automatically without manual intervention being required.

    Is this a development enhancement/opportunity for LE or something for the SKIN devs?



  • Have tried Goom and Shader from Libreelec repository with same result, so I don't think it is the visualisation. Also problem exists on the last two stable releases of LE.

    Just noticed that the next release of Kodi 19.X shows the following additional functionality.

    • New setting to open music fullscreen/visualisation window automatically when playback is started

    So while it currently starts under Kodi after a short delay and can be manually started looks like they are adding an option to commence immediately. Perhaps the problem does exist in LE and can be fixed with the next release. Any thoughts from the Devs.

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