Update libreelec

  • Hi , good morning/evening/night,

    I would like to know how can i uptade the libreelec from 9.2.3 to 9.2.4 on a raspbery pi 4b if auto uptade doesn't work without losing any data or any add ons.

    Thanks for the time whoever read the letter, I hope you having a great day

  • It's possible that the auto-upgrade service hasn't yet been enabled for 9.2.4.

    If you feel impatient, download the latest release from the website, and paste it into the .update folder, and reboot.

    Only system files will be updated. Add-ons and data will be untouched.

  • oh but on the official site 9.2.5 is not available.... and also will the auto uptade will work? Thank you once again for your precious time