Feature Matrix?

  • Hey all,

    Over the last few weeks I have been trying to read up on the status of all the various builds for different hardware, and it has done nothing but make my head spin.

    Is there a publicly available feature matrix anywhere that provides a snapshot of what is working (HEVC Hardware decode, audio passthrough to receiver, 10bit HDR, etc.) and on what hardware?

    the Xorg Foundation did a very good job of this when they were working through the long arduous task of developing the Free Radeon drivers, and it was very helpful.

    How does one get a good snapshot on current status of things?

  • I would be happy if somewhere such a matrix would be available. Its quite complicated and overall rather fluid. You need also ffmpeg support and ofc support does not mean support in many terms.

  • There is an open source Mesa matrix. It reads single text file from Mesa git repository and transforms it in nice matrix view. If someone creates features file in LibreELEC repository and will be kept up to date, then Mesa matrix can be easily adopted.