No sound output on HiFiBerry (DAC + Pro) with LibreELEC / KODI add-on "Spotify"

  • Hello Coummunity.

    I have a problem with the sound output via a HiFiBerry HAT (DAC + Pro), with the KODI add-on "Spotify".

    The normal sound output from "Music" (source "NAS") works perfectly, "only" from the KODI AddOn nothing comes out of the HiFiBerry.

    Does anyone have an idea which setting is still required in LibreELEC / KODI or the AddOn?

    Thank you for your feedback.

    I use the following hardware / software settings:

    - Raspberry Pi4 (4GB)

    - LibreELEC v9.2.3

    - KODI v18.7/Leia

    - Spotify-AddOn (marcelveldt - 1.1.58)

  • The cause might be a higher audio data rate of Spotify, compared to your NAS music. If the Spotify add-on has an option to reduce that data rate, give it a shot.

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