Gigabyte J4005N D2P and LibreElec

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    Board got two SATA slots, M2, M2 wireless, 1GbE network port, PCI-E and two USB headers. Integrated fanless CPU. Should have enough connectors for front USB slots and card reader, if your powersupply has connectors that fit and case got slots for it. USB headers are 2.0. Might need cable adapter if your stuff comes with USB 3.0 19 pin connectors.

    LibreElec 9.2.3 install works with SATA SSD. CI22M wireless M2 card recognized. NVME SSD support is not good. Autofs on /var/media is not mounting nvme devices. WD Blue nvme keeps getting switched to D3 power state and failing within minutes after starting to write into it. Attaching drive to other board resets it. Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVME is not recognized by BIOS. Both NVMEs are working on other PCI-E Gen3 board. If you plan on getting similar setup, try using NVME drives compatible with PCI-E Gen2 spec and hope that you have better luck than me. If vendor updates BIOS from F3 to newer version, situation might change.

    Went with integrated video (Intel i915 driver) and HDMI. Audio goes to TV over same HDMI cable.

    Youtube addon required setting up private keys to work.

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