Libre Computer/BayLibre S905X kernel 5.8?

  • Hi folks,

    just stumbled across this Tweet by Libre Computer:

    - I've difficulties to judge: Does this mean that we finally have a mainline kernel supporting all media features and may see this soon in LibreELEC?

    Thanks for any insights!


  • No major changes. Amlogic is now one of the best supported core codebases for ARM devices thanks to u-boot work done by Baylibre and efforts from LibreComputer to get their products accepted into the major distros. The multimedia capabilities are still languishing in the dark ages.

  • Thanks for sharing your insights! Digging a bit into the link CvH sent, it seems "only" HEVC in hardware and some DRM features are missing - sounds to me like they left the dark ages, but did not arrive at today yet...