Enigma2 (PVR Client) can't update to

  • I'm running LibreELEC on an intel laptop with the Enigma2 PVR Client Addon.

    LibreELEC (official): 9.2.3, kernel: Linux x86 64-bit version 5.1.16

    Kodi (18.7 Git:18.7.1-Leia). Platform: Linux x86 64-bit

    I've got Enigma2 PVR Addon v3.28.7.1 installed from the LibreELEC Add-ons repository.

    It says there's an updated version v3.28.9.1 available.

    If I try to install, it fails - "Add-on couldn't be loaded. An unknown error has occurred."

    Checking the log I see:

    ERROR: Unable to load /storage/.kodi/addons/pvr.vuplus/pvr.vuplus.so.3.28.9, reason: /storage/.kodi/addons/pvr.vuplus/pvr.vuplus.so.3.28.9: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS32

    The updated v3.28.9.1 plugin installs and works on a RPi 32-bit installation.

    Any idea of the cause of the error? Is there some conflict between 64 bit version and plugin?