Odroid H2+, Realtek RTL8125B drivers

  • chris256 Fixed build

    It’s working!! Thank you very much!!

    Just to mention: if I chose another language at the first boot, the interface went crazy with unclickable and missing buttons. If I leave English and then change the language later, it works.

    Also reboot or shutdown takes about 20s when it was instantaneous before. Just to let you know.

  • Thx, working fine now.

    I also tried that on a laptop, KUU K2, with AMI graphics set to HDMI1 and IGD lcd display set to HDMI, and a OLED LG B9 as sink.

    libreELEC OS boot does mirror hdmi LG OLED and internal lcd display, ..... till the start of KODI startup reverting then to only internal display. Finally no chance to set another monitor, all grayed on internal panel in Settings Display.

    Of course the K2 internal ips display of laptop cannot be HDR for such cheap J4115 laptop ... Fine laptop anyway...

    Could it be another way to have KODI 19A letting choose the display when multi,

    or starting with internal but letting access to some external monitor ?


    Edited 6 times, last by fab233: Do not pay attention about Kodi startup, i mount 24/04 microsd by error on KUU K2. Now your 20/08 act as official 9.2.4 and Kodi startup goes to default internal with external capabilities full screen, and blanking option. Fine to choose HDR display for a GLK-R laptop. I have to do more testing as i can't acheive HDR to work over HDMI as it does on the Beelink X45. Not the same cable, as KUU K2 has miniHDMI port, and this new cable perhaps can't support 4K HDR (while i achieve 4K Dolby Atmos... but not HDR passthrough), I have to investigate more (connector, cable, LG B9 HDMI port dependency & fw level, also effective SGX PAVP K2 bios enabling). I'll go back later for reporting. Meantime, i found surprizing that on LG hdmi port I got text character disapperency problem within Kodi menus back from a DV+ATMOS trailer (where atmos was fine but DV did not be played as HDR10 only 4K SDR), while on another LG port it was all ok back from same playing... Also DV 1 layer does not play, while no problem on DV 2 layers samples... edit results : with 08.20 no PRIME codec avaible on Player settings so it's normal to have no-HDR output from Kodi, only 4K stream. So i cannot get further as 24.04 does not allow Kodi to go to alternate TV monitor from laptop, and 08.20 does not have Prime for HDR to get HDR job done on TV OLED LG B9... Final edit : at least 22.07 image has PRIME DRM, but KODI wired to laptop internal panel. This 20.08 one has no PRIME DRM detected but KODI able to switch fully on LG OLED from the laptop.... ().

  • Hello all!

    Does someone know if latest nightly has Linux kernel 5.9 (that supports this network adapter)?


  • Done.

    Hi smp !

    Do you know if latest nightly has Linux kernel 5.9 (that supports this network adapter)? If not, is there something interesting in the nightly worth compiling another version?