Adding shortcut to playlist in "Play now..." screen possible?

  • ok, i did something like that initially, i don't know if you meant that exactly,

    add " play_list.png " to addons\skin.estuary\media

    and replace "MusicOSD.xml

    in addons\skin.estuary\xml

    if you use notepad ++

    use the compare plugin and compare files




    GitHub - BlackGlassSkin/Mix

  • Cool! I guess you made it for Kodi/Windows? I found the .xml but was not able to find play_list.png. did you created the .png?

    On RasPi side, I was not able to find the .xmls....

  • everything is described in the post above, also where to put the icon

    RasPi has other locations, probably in

    / Usr / share / kodi / addons