Black screen after update to 9.2.3

  • Hello @ all,

    at first i wanna thank all devs for this great software.

    Unfortunately i did an update from 9.2.1 to 9.2.3 and after reboot the last thing i can see is the waiting for network and the libreelec logo, and then the screen goes black.

    I made no changes on config Files.

    Before update all but hdmi cec worked fine.

    Using multiple Profiles (kid/parent) with sql db on qnap device


    rPi 4 4gb

    sdcard boot


    Original 4b power supply

  • Hello CvH,

    no, i made no hardware related changes. I just made updates from within Libreelec GUI, for libreelec itself and the firmwares for example.

    Now i try to find out how to get the profile and network share settings from the broken system to rebuild from a new installation.

    At the moment the broken system is untouched.


    I changed the hdmi output from 2 to 1 on the raspi4 (counted from the power plug) and started the System again.

    After a while i switched the TV on and...

    Kodi 9.2.3 was running!!! :)

    Thanks anyway for all ppl trying to help! :)

    /Update end

    Best regards,


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