Bluetooth quit working

  • Greetings all!

    Been quite happily running LE (currently 9.2.1) on a RPi 3 for a while now. I use an old bluetooth Logitech DiNovo keyboard which has never given me any problems either. In the middle of a show today, the keyboard lost it's connection to LE. No big deal, I thought, I'll just plug in a USB keyboard and go in and disconnect / reconnect it in the settings. Thsi is where the fun begins. When I select Bluetooth from the LEs setting menu, I get a blank panel where the device list should be. The really strange thing is that, although I can still move the cursor around, the remainder of the options in the LE Settings menu now also present blank panels. Additionally, I can't back up a level, effectively getting stuck in the LE settings. I then have to either pull power from the RPi or SSH in and restart it - if it will let me SSH. Several times, after the machine goes heywire on the bluetooth selection, it's dropped the SSH connection as well and any further attempts time out.

    Hope that makes sense to someone. Also, I have onnected the keyboard to several windows machines and a linux PC with no problems at all, so it's not the keyboard.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I really don't want to rebuild this thing from scratch if I don't need to...

  • Maybe the internal Bluetooth broke. Check it with a different Bluetooth device, if you have. An external Bluetooth adapter is a cheep replacement.

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  • I just tried booting from a different SD card into raspbian and BT works great. I think I am just going to wipe it and start over.

  • Check the microSD for errors before you re-install LE on it.

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  • Hi all,

    Similar situation here, I had a pretty outdated LibreElec install and upgraded to 9.2.4 on an RPi 3B+. Bluetooth was then suddenly reported as "de-activated" (or similar wording) - no amount of fiddling with the LibreElec settings achieved anything. After some poking around, it turns out that this was caused by the use of `dtoverlay=disable-wifi` in my `config.txt`. Commenting out the overlay restored BT functionality and allowed me to perform the usual actions available from the BT LibreElec config screen.

    The sad thing is my reason for disabling WiFi was that when both WiFi and BT are activated at the same time in `config.txt` (regardless of LibreElec settings), Bluetooth audio is so choppy as to be unusable (I understand this is a known limitation of the RPi), disabling WiFi made it good enough for my purposes.

    So I hope this helps (at least some of) those who lost their BT, and maybe inspires someone to suggest an alternative way to get decent BT audio on 9.2.4