Custom resolution?

  • Hi, I'd like to know how can I set up a custom resolution on LibreElec.

    I am using an Intel mini laptop with a broken screen, which is connected via VGA to a TV.

    The laptop maximun resolution is 1024x600, and the TV is HD Ready, so I guess it is 1366×768.

    But LibreElec only let me select 1024x768p as the maximum resolution. I have selected VGA1 as monitor, and "blank other displays" is on.

    I'd like to know how can I set the resolution to 1366×768.


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  • You can use config.txt to define a custom resolution. Read here, chapter "Custom mode".

    Thanks for answering.

    How do I open and edit that config.txt file? I am using LibreElec as the only OS installed on the laptop.

  • If you find xorg.conf somewhere, check resolution settings of that file, too.

    I'm an RPi user, so I can't give precise answers about Intel settings.

    PS: Try this before customizing EDID.

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