• Hello everyone.

    I have PMS via addons docker.linuxserver.plex.

    I would like to add 2 external hd, but I don't know how to do this.

    In settings.xml I have:

    <setting id = "V_data_tvshows"> / var / media / SERIES / Series / </setting>

    All is ok.

    And I want to add a second TV SHOW location, for example:

    <setting id = "V_data_tvshows"> / var / media / SERIES_1 / Series / </setting>

    But I can't get PMS to see that second location of tv shows. Please have a suggestion. thanks

  • You can add additional volume mappings in addon settings. You need to add them to additional docker arguments. And you need to use the full docker arg such as "-v /path/on/host:/custom/path/inside/container"

  • Thank you, my knowledge on this subject is very poor.

    I understand that in settings.xml, I have to add that argument.

    The HDD that I want to add "SERIES1" with two folders MOVIES and TVSHOW....then in file settings.xml add:

    -v / var / SERIES1 / on / host: / custom / path / inside / container

    It is right.

    And how I set that SERIES1 / MOVIES is a folder for movies and SERIES1 / TVSHOW is a folder for tvshow.

    right now i have:

    <setting id="V_data_movies">/var/media/SERIES/Movies/</setting>

    <setting id="V_data_tvshows">/var/media/SERIES/TVSHOW/</setting>

    and I want to add the same for hd "SERIES1"

  • OK, but what sentence must include in additional docker arguments:


    This sencence is ok?

  • Many Thank. The correct argument is:

    -v /var/SERIES1/series/:/data/series

    /var/SERIES1/series is de path where the series is loaded in the external HD

    /data/series is de path mounted in container

    Everything running ok

  • Thank you, this worked for me with docker.linuxserver.jellyfin. How can I add more than one additional mapping?

    You can add as many volume directives as you like in that box, "-v /host1:/container1 -v /host2:/container2", etc.