install LE on DEAD A95X MAX V81

  • this one for the second



    The manufacturer of this box uses secure boot, ROM BL1 has been programmed to decrypt the signature and can only load original BL2 after decrypting this signature. BL2 what you have burned on SD card is read out, but not loaded due to missing signature



    You can also see this in your ABT log, after extracting the ulValue(FEAT) it is automatically switched to DDR_ENC.USB


    [12:15:58 429][HUB8-2][Inf]--Get Encrpt ulValue = 0xb2f839b2

  • I made some progress I tried burning the stock fw on sd card with the option secureboot sd bootloader

    I get the following looping log but no video signal

  • the FIP's are also encrypted, extract the original firmware and burn aml_sdc_burn.UBOOT to the SDcard

    1. dd if=aml_sdc_burn.UBOOT of=/dev/sdX bs=1 count=444
    2. dd if=aml_sdc_burn.UBOOT of=/dev/sdX bs=512 skip=1 seek=1

    search for cfgload for your device in CE forum and play with it..

  • u-boot.bin = bootloader.PARTITION = aml_sdc_burn.UBOOT

    without a log it's hard to imagine what is happening..