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    If any of them boot (u-boot) but fail to run the kernel, download the AMLG12 "box" image from the same location and steal the SEI610 device-tree from it (change the dtb name in extlinux.conf) as I've had one person report that it works (mostly) with an A95X-F3 device

    sorry but I dont understand this part,how do I get the SEI610 file?

    @chewitt thanks again for the reply

    unfortunately I dont have this TTL adapter at the moment,and sorry my knowledge about this is very limited.

    I dont know how to get the uboot file from my image,when I unpack the image using level 1 I get the following files :<picture>.

    I tried just using sd burn card maker but it didnt work,another problem I dont know which pins to short,the emmc pins are invisible<underneath>.

    Ive been looking for weeks now,theres not much info out there about this box

    @chewitt thank you for the reply. the flashing stops at 3%

    I tried to connect the box to a desktop comuter with a serial rs232 cable,<Rx Tx Gnd>

    the cable is connected to some 3 solder points on the board <they re not labeled but I believe those are the ones>,but unfortunately I get nothing on putty screen when I power on the device,I tried all wiring combinations,sometimes I get some weird characters when I try a specififc wiring combination.

    this is the burning tool log

    any help how to install LE on my bricked A95x F3 air? its got a s905x3 processor,the box is recognized by the computer usb but the flashing ends up with errors.

    I tried burning the stock image on sd card and LE image on usb but the box doesnt even boot.

    ,could you please help thank you

    S905X3 devices can be (or should be) recovered from broken boot firmware (e.g. flashed the wrong image) using the Amlogic Burning Tool app and an appropriate firmware image (look on freaktab). You need to connect the box to a Windows PC using a USB > USB cable and flash the image directly to internal eMMC (not NAND). It can be fiddly, but with modern Amlogic devices, unless you cause electrical damage to the eMMC chips there's really no such thing as a bricked box.

    Thank you for the reply

    I already tried to flash it using amlogic burning tool,the computer recognises the box,but it gives errors when flashing and stops exactly at 7% formatting, I tried different firmwares besides the original firmware from the supplier himself, always the same error, I tried the sd card method but still nothing the box doesn't even turn on, (there's just a red diode that turns on).

    First I used to get this error

    0x32030201]Uboot/Get result/DiskInitial error

    But lately I've been having this one

    0x10303004]Romcode/Switch status/Identify/ Error result

    I'd like to mention that the problem started when I forced shutdown the box by unplugging the power, because it just froze and didn't respond anymore.

    hello,i know the topic is years old,but im kinda stuck with my box which has the same problem *broken nand*,could you please guide me how to use the sd card and flash drive method,my box is a95x f3 equiped with the s905x3 processor,thanks in advance