biulding isolated rpi kernel from libreelec source possible?

  • hi, is there a way to compile an isolated kernel and modify it as a regular linux kernel with menuconfig and custom cflags for example?/shrug i was also interested in picking some commits on the source like some backports.

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  • Build an LE image and then edit project/RPi/devices/RPi4/linux/linux.arm.conf (for RPi4, others in similar folders) and then rebuild the image, it will only rebuild the kernel with your changes. If you truly need/want to edit the defconfig it can be done by navigating to the linux build folder, which will be somewhere like build.LibreELEC-RPi4.arm-<version>/build/linux-<string>/ and then doing "ARCH=arm make menuconfig" to edit the existing .config file in the folder, then copy the .config to project/RPi/devices/RPi4/linux/linux.arm.conf and rebuild the image.