Audio playback starts twice LE 9.2.1 RP4+Hifiberry

  • Hi guys,
    When I start playback of an audio file it starts for a split second then starts again and plays without an issue.

    It seems like the same.issue as described in this Kodi thread :

    audio playback starts twice?

    It was supposed to be fixed in Kodi 18.6 bit still hasn't I think.

    Any suggestions guys?


  • I think it's a buffering issue, related to the audio driver. Maybe the buffering process interrupts the playback for a short time. Because you don't have the option to select a different audio driver, my advice is to contact the HiFiBerry support. They are responsible for providing a proper device driver.

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  • According to HifiBerry this is strictly a player issue.

    Any suggestions how I might fix this or troubleshoot it somehow?


  • Find add-on's for audio playback.

    I had buffering issues on my Ubuntu PC. Using a different sound server for the same player fixed the issue.

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  • Thanks for the suggestion, but if you may clarify - what do you mean by different sound server? I am using my Synology NAS as a source and via NFS it is presented to LE and Played through Kodi.

  • My Ubuntu PC is only an example for issues like yours. I had exactly the same double-start issue on local audio files. It was a local buffering issue, not a stream buffering issue. I assume you have the same issue when playing an audio file locally.

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  • To my knowledge there is only one sound server available for RPi. The HiFiBerry driver feeds that sound server, and players use both components. It's on you to try different players from add-on repositories. If the sound server is the weak part, then they will have no effect.

    There is an exotic Korean LE mod, optimized for audio. Currently I only see RPi 2/3 builds. Maybe they start RPi 4 support, soon.

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