Cross compile addon

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    since 2 days I'm trying to compile an addon from github. I have some experience with cross compiling for openwrt or simple compiling in Linux but I have a problem with this one. There is a plenty information over the internet but useless for me or I'm missing something crucial for that. I have compiled newest version of Libreelec from github. All went well. Now I wanted to compile libretro-uae. There is an older version in the sources of libreelec so I changed version and sha256 in mk file From wiki i thought that there is an easy way like PROJECT=RPi DEVICE=RPi2 ARCH=arm scripts/create_addon libretro-uae but I'm getting error

    1. ERROR: no addons matched for filter libretro-uae
    2. For more information type: ./scripts/create_addon --help
    3. *********** FAILED COMMAND ***********
    4. addons+=" $(get_addons ${1})"
    5. **************************************

    This way I was able to compile game.libretro.uae but this one is very old so I also changed the mk file for that but making so I'm getting the same error. What am I missing? ho to get i to compile?

  • The kodi addon is called game.libretro.uae and you have to use that in the create_addon call.

    The game.libretro.uae addon package depends on the libretro-uae package which will be built automatically if you compile the addon.

    To manually compile libretro-uae you have to use scripts/build

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  • Great, there is some progress but what next? I mean, where to find it/create a zip addon to install in kodi? It seems that it was compiled with option scripts/build

  • After you ran "scripts/screate_addong game.libretro.uae" you should have the zip in target/addons/... (you need to get down a few directory levels there).

    scripts/build only builds the binary but not the addon zip (that's what create_addon is for).

    BTW: If you rebuild the addon after some changes you either need to remove the target/addons/... folder(s) or set ADDON_OVERWRITE="yes" in ~/.libreelec/options - otherwise it won't re-create a zip with the same version number

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  • Please confirm if I got it right.

    If I will change PKG_VERSION and PKG_SHA256 in libretro.uae to the newest version from here GitHub - libretro/libretro-uae: P-UAE libretro WIP and hit the scripts/build i will get only compiled version of github repo without usable zip file. So I need also to change PKG_VERSION and PKG_SHA256 in game.libretro.uae to the newest version from GitHub - kodi-game/game.libretro.uae: UAE for Kodi and run scripts/create_addon to create zip which will be ready to install in kodi. I can also run only scripts/create_addon on game.libretro.uae after changing PKG_VERSION and PKG_SHA256 in both files to get the newest version compiled and created the usable zip file. And if I want to rebuild the addon after changes the simplest way is to remove target/addons/name-of-addon.

    Is that correct?

  • Basically yes. If in doubt better also run "scripts/clean" with both packages after changing PKG_VERSION or if you want to rebuild both. Otherwise game.libretro.uae might not pick up a libretro-uae change.

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  • Great! Thank You so much for Your help! I was able to compile everything perfectly. New version is working fine.