Add Scroll Lock LED switching support.

  • Hello!

    I have a Darksector USB keyboard connected to my RPi4 LibreELEC(9.2.1) mediabox. This keyboard blacklight is connected (by hardware) to scroll lock led. Therefore, I would like to switch the scroll Lock LED somehow. I have tried through:

    echo 1 > /sys/class/input/input0/input0:scrolllock/brightness

    but no avail(maybe the kernel miss some hooks).

    There is no xset (as there is no X server in LibreElec)

    There is a python command in evdev module, that can switch LED but it is not present in LibreELEC.

    Please add support for led switch.

    • Official Post

    IIRC evdev is part of the system tools add-on. Install and log out/in from the SSH console for it to be available.

  • I have installed the system-tools package, but no evdev python module