[v9.2.1] / [RPi3B] connman 'missing' after update

  • I don't know whether this is a bug, or my settings mess everything up ;-). Before the update, all worked perfectly.

    After an update from v9.2.0 to v9.2.1 on my Raspberry Pi 3B system, the internet connection was not working. The connman service was not running (my guess), as the options 'Network' and 'Connection' in the LE add-on were not available/gone. Also connman was not responding to SSH query.

    Local (fixed) IP was assigned (via cmdline.txt) but no gateway and DNS. Therefore no internet, but LAN was working.

    - Update has been performed by 'Samba share' method.

    - Fixed IP set via cmdline.txt (ip=<IP client>) and in previous installs (pre-upgrade) via connman.

    - Disk NFS via cmdline.txt (disk=NFS=<NAS share>).

    Any thoughts?

    FYI: a clean install without modified cmdline.txt (obviously) gave no issues. Have downgraded to 9.2.0 for now.



  • Hi,

    Thanks for your swift reply, that is much appreciated. I will look into this.

    Not a bug, but a feature then.

    For my info: could I have know this? It was not listed in the changelog in the blogpost (or it falls under "several minor updates").