• Hello,

    I have a VIM khadas 1, and I installed librelec on the SD card. Except I'd like to install librelec on the emmc.

    I read a lot of post with passages to Android, after a menu in librelec that allows to do the installation on the emmc. Except that with the latest version available, well there is not all that. And I still don't know how to install my vim khadas1 card on the emmc.

    Thanks for lighting me up in this fog :idea::thumbup::saint:

    See you soon


  • If you are using one of the nightly images from Index of / there is a tool called "emmctool" in the OS to help with installing LE to the internal emmc storage. In short, you need to boot from any image to an LE console and then run:

    emmctool w /path/to/LibreELEC-AMLGX.arm-XXXXX-khadas-vim.img.gz

    The tool will then unpack and overwrite the existing contents of emmc storage with the specified image. If you are already booted from the AMLGX "box" image the tool is in the OS, and all you need to do is download the "khadas-vim.img.gz" suffixed image to /storage and run the command.

    The tool is considered experimental but has worked well for me in regular wipe/format boot tests. If it does screw up (it was writen by me so this is always possible) the provblem will be something wrong with partitions and naming. In this scenario you still end up with a working u-boot installed on emmc and can continue to boot from the "box" SD card to simply repeat the process.

    If you are using older "KVIM" images (our legacy codebase) .. support for them among staff is now rather limited and I would recommend you continue to run them from an SD card.

  • You need to boot from the AMLGX "box" image (edit uEnv.ini and set the correct dtb name) and then copy the AMLGX "khadas-vim" image to /storage; then you can write the "khadas-vim" image to emmc. The emmc image will only boot from an SD card if you erase the emmc first.