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  • Hello,

    I installed the libreelec distribution to take advantage of KODI on my RPI4 behind my wifi router (freebox france).

    Everything works perfectly after a standard installation I guess.

    2 questions:

    1- Can we access the libreelec menu from its web interface (to access the WIFI menu etc.)?

    2- I noticed on my wifi router that my RPi4 was well connected in 5GHZ but in WIFI N mode and not in WIFI AC. How do I change that to improve speed?



  • 1. Yes, Chorus contains a web-based "remote" which can be used to navigate the GUI to access the LE settings add-on. You'll need to be on the network first for that to work of course.

    2. Run this command and reboot: echo "options cfg80211 ieee80211_regdom=FR” > /storage/.config/modprobe.d/cfg80211.conf .. this will change the wireless regulatory domain to French specs which should better match the radio properties of the router, which may help. Wireless radio properties are not as simple as "n vs. ac" but that's the limits of configuration. LE10 in the future will move the config of regulatory domain to the GUI. Bonne chance!

  • Dear Chewitt,

    ty for your reply.

    1- What is Chorus ? Add-on chrome / FF ? apps compatible windows X ?

    To restore the context, with my WIFI router and the view I have of the state of the wifi card

    2- below the config done yesterday. I rode one of your message about change the "regdom" frome DE to FR but is not better... may be with GB ?



  • Chorus2 is the Kodi web interface (can be changed for others, hence known by skin name). RPi hardware has never been known for high performance WiFi so I'm not expecting it to be brilliant. If the changes made didn't change anything .. next step is to disable the onboard WiFi and use an external device with a proper antenna. Before you ask .. I have no recommendations on hardware (other than to use Ethernet because wireless sucks).

  • Dear Chewitt,

    Ty again.

    I can't find a web interface giving me access to the LE menu from my Windows browser other than from the RPI itself. I remain without answer or I did not understand your answer.

    I keep looking into extensions from RPi.

    Do you use WIFI or Ethernet? If WIFI are you in 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz? what is your connection speed (up / down)?

    I am aware that a PC at $ 60 may not be great in performance but it is a challenge of curiosity.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Kodi web interface is on port 8080, e.g. <= replace with whatever the IP is of the LE device. There's a remote control in the web interface so you can navigaate around. If you don't understand how to use Kodi read Official Kodi Wiki

    I use Ethernet .. because I rip discs with a high quality level and WiFi is rarely a reliable medium for streaming large files. I like reliable.

    WiFi issues are always part environmental in addition to hardware/software. I can't explain why your pi does not reach AC speeds. I'm not sure anyone else can either. I don't expect WiFi performance from an RPi4 though; the design priority on a pi board is basic connectivity so that kids can do "online" things and develop fun stuff.

  • Dear Chewitt,


    for the web interface is ok...

    In fact, i'm looking how to have access from web interface at LE menu ?... like from RPI4 where i have access at kodi and LE menu.

    The idea is acces at the menu LE, connection, network... menu.


  • LE settins are not in the pre-defined list because our add-on is an independent background service, it is not part of Kodi.

    The bottom-left corner of the web GUI has a "remote" navigation panel that you can use to reach LE settings.