LibreElec Addon URL

  • So I have a Raspberry Pi 3B+ with RetroPie and I have Kodi on RetroPie. So I was looking at a video that the chrome browser was released for LibreELEC so I tried getting the addon repo but failed. Does anyone know a way to get the LibreELEC repo on Kodi not on LibreELEC

  • Two important points:

    a) LE add-ons are compiled and packaged for LE - so I wouldn't expect them to run anywhere else. We do not publish a repo installer (the files are embeded into LE images) and even if you managed to get past that; when it doesn't work we have no interest in trying to fix anything.

    b) The Chrome browser only exists for x86_64 hardware so there is no Chrome add-on in the Pi add-on repo anyway.