aarch64-7.90.007 ODROID C2 - 4k Aspect Ratio Problem IN 1080p TV

  • Device Model : Odroid C2

    OS and software - LibreELEC-Odroid_C2.aarch64-7.90.007

    TV LG FHD 1080p @ 60HZ HD LCD

    hello i'm recently using Libreelec as my default Media Player, my major problem is with 2K and 4K contents playback in my FHD LCD TV.
    When i play a 2k or 4k video, playback is very smooth but the Aspect ratio is in original video size and pixels of the video, becuase that my tv is FHD and the video is 4k it seems that the video is zoomed and kodi can not fix the aspect ratio to my tv resolution . i tried to maualy fix the video size and aspect ratio with tools in the menu but it doesn't solve the problem. :s
    Its for a long time that i'm using odroid c2 with default Android and Ubuntu with its original kodi installation and never had such problem with my tv .

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