Cingery S2 USB HD unable to mux

  • So guys, I searched the forum already.


    I know all worked long ago on open elec after I added all needed muxes manual it found all necessary programs. Today I thought try to add TV back on libreelec 9.2. Driver is DS-3000 what's inside the fw folder. Ive added astra 19.2 e Network done all configs like last time on openelec but no it's starts short, I see the signal strange for about 2 sec and then allways scan no data, failed.

    When I change drivers to TBS I can't even access the HTTP site from tvheadend, so I think these drivers not work. The only drivers that work are the standard ones and the newest kernel drivers but both has exactly the same problem.

    Is post some pictures so maybe anyone can help me.