Looking for options for media playback

  • Hi Folks,

    Sorry to post this question here but I tried searching the forum for possible answers but I kept getting an internal error (An error has occurred

    Internal error code: 0c288e42360dee44cbb96f6314c4bbc7b635321d), so I thought I'd give it a try here.

    My current setup.

    I have a MXQPro 4K attached via gigabit ethernet to a networked computer with my movie library. I use the stock MxQpro android app to run only Kodi 18.4 Leia so I can use it to access my library and to have the nice interface for TV shows, Movies etc. The MXQ box isn't always stable with the Kodi and does crash from time to time or have some serious lag when loading. As Kodi is the only real app I'm running on this android box, I don't have much other addons or apps but memory is still pretty sparse on the box.

    So I'm looking for possible solutions to get a more stable/faster experience with Kodi as my entertainment hub (note I also run Serviio on the networked computer but only as a backup in case the box has connection issues.

    My first thought was to run the LibreElec off an SD card thru the Mxq but I don't think that tech is supported (at least it wasn't an option for the SD creator tool). I could look into other hardware as well but I'm only really looking for something to run Kodi to access my library, not to run other addons. I do run Chromecast to my TV as well for some online content including Netflix etc but I'm just looking for a better/faster solution to access my current library. Thoughs? TIA:?: