LE 9.2 & RPi3 B+ Live TV zapping issue

  • Howdy.

    I've been trialing a setup with a RPi3 B+ running on LibreELEC 9.2 and a USB DVB-T stick.

    It's going ok. I feel this setup still has some rough edges to be worked on.

    The thing that I find most annoying is that I can't zap (quickly change channels) by simply using the ^ / V (up/down) keys.

    Everywhere I look on the internet it says that I can use the up/down arrow keys to change channels but I can't do that with my setup.

    Mind you that I am not using a regular keyboard. I am using a TV remote using HDMI-CEC (LG's implementation called 'Simplink'). Nevertheless, I have also tried Yatse's (Android Kodi Remote app) and it's up/down arrow keys are also not changing channels

    The up/down keys of the remote work just fine on Kodi's menus but when I'm watching Live TV with Kodi, pressing either up/down will simply display a OSD with the synopsis of the tv show I am currently watching.

    Can someone tell me how I can workaround this issue?

    Thanks in advance.


  • Use the keymap editor addon to remap the buttons.

    Hi smp,

    I tried that but it didn't work. Do I need to restart after making changes to the mapped keys?

    I'll try again later tonight.

    Thanks in advance.