Screensaver < 1 minute + Auto copy script

  • Hi all, sorry if this is not the proper section.

    I'm using LibreELEC on a Raspberry Pi Zero W as a digital frame.

    After 1 minute from startup, screensaver starts (Picture Slideshow Screensaver) and all my pictures are showed up with a nice Pan & Zoom effect.


    But is there a way to start screensaver on kodi startup without waiting 1 minute?

    And is there a way to auto copy files from usb drives (pendrive, hard disk, etc...) when they are inserted?

    Thanks in advance

  • kodi-send allows you to send commands to Kodi once it is started, which could be used for auto-starting the screensaver. udev rules can run scripts on the insertion of removable media devices, and the scripts could find/copy image files on the inserted device to local storage and stop/restart the screensaver. There's no pre-existing guide with step by step instructions, but that's how I'd approach the task.