Mount USB drive before Docker with Plex starts

  • Hi

    I've just set up LibreELEC, and I'm running a Plex server (Docker Hub) through the Docker plugin on a RP4.

    A NTFS USB drive is connected and mounted to /var/media/Seagate, and in "Additional parameters" in the Plex plugin, I've written:

    1. -v /var/media/Seagate/Musik:/storage/usb/Musik

    This works like a charm when I restart the Plex container, but when I reboot the Pi, I'm not able to access the drive in Plex (the folder is empty). I have to manually restart the Plex container.

    I suppose this is because that Docker tries to map the USB drive to /storage/usb/ before LibreELEC has mounted the USB drive. Is there any workaround here?

    Maybe Docker can be configured to wait for the drive somehow, or LibreELEC can be configured to mount the USB drive immediately on boot.

    Any ideas? Thanks.