J5005 vs. Pi4 for 4k and CEC Remote

  • Hi,

    i have build my htpc to J5005 and with my new LG C97LA im very unlucky, the magic remote does not work, because lg automatically switch to "PC" when i put in the HDMI Cable.. i have testet it all...

    i think for me can do it an Pi4 perfectly....because CEC Works perfekt and Quick.... i want to show 4k Movies from external lib, HD and UHD from tvheadendserver.

    what do you think ? has the pi4 enough power for me or is this a bad change ?

    will come the HDR Features ? or is the pi4 more for hobby and not daily use like this? someone say the temparature is to high.


  • RPi4 should be better than J5005, however there is no full support yet. Look for the latest change-log and comments to 9.2.x version of LibreELEC.

  • The magic remote for my LG TV only does CEC things, there is no mouse functionality, which is understandable really. I don't think CEC ever supported mouse movements.

    "More power" in a RPi4 compared to J5005? I think not. Also what sort of "power" are you referring to? Videos won't be displayed any faster.

    Intel announced HDR support for certain chipsets including Gemini Lake, but only those with a lspcon onboard.. :rolleyes:

    HDR in Kodi is still a work-in-progess.

    "RPi4 should be better than J5005"

    In what way?