Proftpd resume transfer problems

  • Hi,

    With the root account, the resume transfert work..

    But with an user (ex: test) account that I created it does not work... (Permission denied)

    The account (test) I can: create, delete (folders and

    files) but not able to restart/resume an transfer.

    Do you have an idea to change this permission?


  • Can you write exactly what you are doing so I can repeat the same? How to restart/resume transfer?

    EDIT: Seems resume download really doesn't work and starts from beginning. But resume upload works.

    Maybe it is just client who doesn't resume (filezilla used here)? Because it always using RETR command and not REST.


  • Hi,

    with FileZilla or FTPRush is the samething..

    I think here the issue is the Permission and Owner problems. In root session, I can't delete an folder that I created with my account TEST.

    But, in root session, if I begin upload a file and stop and abort the transfer... with filezilla the column Owner/Group is indiacate root/root... If I try to resume the transfer that work!

    with the TEST account, I try the samething.. and Owner/Group is test 10 :/

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  • with the TEST account, I try the something.. and Owner/Group is test 10 :/

    This is ok.

    I don't have any permission denied error. All operations work. But resuming download doesn't. And I don't think this is server problem but on the client side.


  • Config file is /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/service.proftpd/proftpd.conf. You can use editor vi or nano. Or edit this file over samba.