[unoffical] LE-9.2/9.80-Images for RK3229/RK3228

  • Heya

    Both v88 Mars II and MK 809 IV works on the MXQ Pro 4k (RK3228A,DDR3,8gb Storage), no Wifi/bluetooth but Ethernet works!

    UI pretty slow but everything else seems to be functioning!

    My chip is the 3228A but the B images work while the A images doesn't

    How do i identify which wifi card is in this box? the closest thing i've seen was S9012P on the mobo

  • shippy

    Thanks for the compliment - wasn't to easy, since no documentation is available about this soc ... SV6051 will work in both AP and station mode in LE. I'm currently adding a recipe for Armbian ... mainly because it will make porting to mainline way easier than doing it with LE ... you will have a full linux system available than ... should pop up there next few days/weeks. (BTW: You don't have to use a toothpick - devices will boot from sd card automatically - if there is one is inserted)


    You willl loose your android system an h96 mini if you want to install LE - you will have to erase the whole flash and you can't easily return to android. I DONT recommand this to inexperienced users. You will have to use linux since all windows tools don't allow writing to flash at start postion:

    use rkdeveloptool - you will have to compile your own from GitHub - rockchip-linux/rkdeveloptool (maybe it can be compiled on windows too, I didn't test - I don't use windows at all) - or download my precompiled binary (x86_64) from here: rkbin/rkdeveloptool at libreelec-cleanup · knaerzche/rkbin · GitHub. Yor will also need a loader binary which can be downloaded here rkbin/rk322x_loader_v1.10.256.bin at libreelec-cleanup · knaerzche/rkbin · GitHub

    0. Make sure you have the gunzipped version of LibreELEC-RK322x.arm-9.2-devel-20200114135155-0bca75f-rk3228a-h96mini.img.gz

    1. Put the device in "loader mode" by pushing the button in the AV-outlet (example with an toothpick)

    2. While pusing it attach the device with an USB-A-to-USB-A-Cable (use the first usb port from front) to yo computer (you should now see an USB device attached to your computer)

    3. execute

    rkdeveloptool rd 3

    to put your device in maskrom mode

    4. Downloader loader to your device

    rkdeveloptool db rk322x_loader_v1.10.256.bin 

    5. Erase the flash of your device by executing

    rkdeveloptool ef

    This will erase you compete android system - no way back!

    6. Execute:

    rkdeveloptool wl 0x0 LibreELEC-RK322x.arm-9.2-devel-20200114135155-0bca75f-rk3228a-h96mini.img

    Wait until it's completely done with writing.

    7. Execute

    rkdeveloptool rd

    This will reset your device - and LE will come up

    Again: I don't recommend this to anyone - I added this Image mainly because it can be used with other devices as HK1 lite.

    This only way back is to short emmc (see freaktab for advices how to do that) - this will bring your device in maskrom mode - you can reflash android than. I already tried to make an usb-boot version - which seems to be next to impossible, because this device uses the old "rkboot" version of u-boot and an 3.10 kernel (and a fake android 9 version, which is in fact android 7)


    If you want your device to be faster - try to use the device tree from v884k - the ddr timings are the same:

    Insert the SD-Card in your computer open the LIBREELEC partion/device. Extract "SYSTEM" from LIBREELEC paration (using unsquashfs on linux or 7zip on windows) go to /usr/share/bootloader - you will there find rk3229-box-v884k.dtb - copy this file to "LIBREELEC". Edit extlinux/extlinux.conf and replace "rk3228b-box-v88mars-II.dtb" with that new filename.

    Never heared of "S9012P" wifi - there is no driver available in RK kernel.

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  • knaerzche

    This project is awesome.

    1. Your Armbian recipe sounds intriguing 😏

    Better than the Entware hack I suppose.

    I found this related thread:

    long story LINUX on rk3229 rockchip - TV boxes - Armbian forum

    2. Will then there be any performance difference between RK 3229 Armbian and RK 3229 LE for 720p streaming on 1/8 and 2/16GB devices?

    Will it be kernel 4.4?

    I know mxq project has poo pooed RK3229 but I believe it is a decent chip, with RK putting in more effort than AML to open source code.

    3. Good to know about ssv6051P dual mode- WiFi chip still comes in x96 and MXQ models which are popular on the cheap end.

    Btw, can your SSV 6051P drivers work for gen S905* LE boxes too? What driver files need be updated via SSH?

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  • Thank you friend! This is a little complicated for me. He left the android and configured the built-in RCMC-KODI there. The prefix is not mine and I will not risk it. The seller sent a fake prefix. The processor is 3229 instead of 3228, as it was on the site in the specification. There is no 5GHz. Nevertheless thank you.

  • @knaerzche So i put the v884k dtb onto the mars II install.
    - No noticeable increase in performance

    - Artifacting of the gpu

    - Still no access to wifi

    - Crashing, likely caused by gpu

    I dont think these memory timings work on my board, here is my ram chips: hynix h5tq2g43bfr, product page and its manual

  • First of all thanks to knaerzche,

    now my v88mini 4k has a decent SO to run kodi.

    -cec : not present, i presume

    -can't power on by remote

    -internal nand : where is it?

    to bellerofontechimera:

    i have an A95XR1 with S905W, the remote keycodes are different and you need ir-keytable to setup.

  • zampedro I have an A95Xr1 with rockchip 3229 and the remote in the picture above, but dont work whith this LE rom.

    I don't know were find the right keytable.

    I've tryed with other confg files taken from the list posted in a topic of remote similari at mine and sold for many different boxes

  • thanks very much, your file works very well.

    I really apreciate.

    Newbie here. Same problem, remote doesn't work on my A95X 3229 and i don't know how to do it myself . Can you please help ? Maybe you an image to download with the changes already done ?


  • Newbie here. Same problem, remote doesn't work on my A95X 3229 and i don't know how to do it myself . Can you please help ? Maybe you an image to download with the changes already done ?


    Sorted myself. But it's very unstable - crashed a few times. Looks promising though.


  • fabiobassa No problem for crossposting - your thread was already mentioned by shippy. I'm alreday in contact with jock2 who is currently working on armbian images ... I finally decided to move on in LE buildystem, since I'm familar with. I did some great findings this week in regards of mainline kernel and got now all subsystems to work ... I will publish some testimages this weekend or early next week.

  • Hi fabiobassa !

    I actually quoted this same link of yours on Jan 19 ( see above on same page ...) 😎

    So looks like knaerzche is working on integration as he mentioned at the time.

    Meanwhile do you have any insights into my #2 and #3 questions in my post with your original link?

    Also how does Armbian now work on RK3229 generic boxes?

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  • shippy hello

    yes i read your post and decided to join this conversation to sum the knowledge on rk3229

    maybe better we go discuss on armbian forum about armbian so we don't go off topic here, may be one day the discussion will be merged too