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    This CE 3.14 vs LE 4.x/5.y really is a *stupid* debate, fueled by some insecure folks !

    The comparison is just damn wrong. LE 3.14 also works, if you forget. If balbes150 et al are trying to move the goalposts by experimenting with the new kernel (and calling it *experimental*) we should appreciate these efforts.

    Remember all these dev folks are volunteers. They owe you nothing, but you as user owe them a lot !🐵🐵



    1. Yes I do understand Codec Factory is for Android OS only 😃 So basically it just takes out the bad decoders if you can identify them !

    2. For 720p streaming, Kodi 18.2 means you have less CPU load given software decoding.

    3. Is there a list of AML 3.14 updates for Kodi 18.2? Are they mainly just bug fixes or some streaming improvements too?

    One thing I don't understand: Is 720p or below decoding always in CPU ( soft decode) for AML S905/912?

    Why waste the GPU as idle?

    Why not use hardware decoding for 720p/below too given extra CPU load, or can you set it optionally either way?

    Can someone comment on the latest Kodi 18.2 release, in particular the stuff about GLES/AML updates "after years of no love" and the Android Codec Factory settings from xml files?

    Kodi "Leia" 18.2 Release | Kodi | Open Source Home Theater Software

    1. What impact is on LE kernel 3.14 and 4.x/5.y releases, if any?

    2. Do the Codec Factory settings lessen the TV box firmware issues, and somehow make Android on TV boxes better in performance?

    balbes150   kszaq

    Thanks much for clarification ! I was just worried about moving to 4.x distros like from balbes here.

    So I just use S905, X, W with 1/8GB preferably, streaming 720p or sometimes 1080p. Right now S912, S905X2/Y2 are too high tech for me ...what is the point of JeOS if you still need more memory and CPU ?🐵🐵🐵

    Maybe the next interesting project would be to dual USB boot a home Openwrt router, the $15-20 AliExpress TPlink variety- should be possible 👺👺 Perhaps it can't do Kodi, but VLC possibly.

    SSID/passphrase can be set in LE settings. No idea about connman supporting LTE but it's a moot point as LE doesn't build support for anything but wifi and ethernet.

    1. I actually tried to reset, but both revert in LE Config 👺👺

    Are there any ssh commands you recall?

    2. Hmm...I didn't realize that LE will need special LTE setup. Thought that networking is independent.

    1. Really interesting...this gives me an idea to re-try fixing the X96mini ssv6051p driver for WiFi tether by reinstalling via

    $ modprobe ssv6051p :)

    2. Asked elsewhere, can we change SSID password for the WiFi tether/hotspot?

    3. Do you know if Connman supports LTE ( early versions didn't)?

    If yes, is there a way to update to that new version?

    I have noticed over time some folks talking about using a WiFi USB dongle to connect, in place of internal WiFi.

    So I booted up my X96mini S905W 1/8G box with SSV6051P internal WiFi chipset that is giving me trouble with the tether/hotspot feature, but connects OK in station mode.

    As aside, my SAMMIX R95S 2/16G box with S905W and RTL8735bs (Wifi N + BT 4.0) chipset works fine in both WiFi station and tether/hotspot (with public Internet access) modes toggled. (I checked specs with the Device Info HW Android app, not the CPU-Z or AIDA64 apps that give incomplete information ! On Amazon this box is claimed to be an S905X, but actually boots from a gxl_p281_2g device tree, as stated by Device Info HW.)

    Then attached a generic RTL USB dongle with antenna into a USB port on the TV box, and checked under LE Config> Network. Saw no difference from the original internal WiFi connection. I then rebooted, and still observed the same internal WiFi connection as usual to my home router.

    Question: How is the external WiFi dongle configured? Via SSH commands I assume?

    Any command set?

    Is there a way to use both WiFi chipsets, one for WiFi access and the other for tether/hotspot mode?

    MikeKL my branch currently has some experimental code for WireGuard support and I modified /usr/bin/usercache-setup to create the WireGuard keys, so my guess is /usr/bin/wg is missing due to WireGuard support not being included in balbes150 images, and thus usercache-setup.service fails. If that's the case it's nothing serious and I'll tweak the script so it avoids the failure.


    Interesting....didn't realize you could get Wire Guard VPN in balbes150 builds too.

    Is WG an add-on?

    FYI, found some answers:

    [Test] SSV6051 drivers

    The x86_64 image has "boot" and "run" options in addition to the default "installer" mode. I forget which is which, but one is a persistent "Live USB" mode and the other is the same but non-persistent. Hit tab at the syslinux prompt (instruction text is on-screen, but not for long before the installer starts).

    Ok thanks again for explaining live USB mode !

    I do get answers at this forum:P