OrangePi3 cannot connect to repository (kodi team and libreelec)

  • Hi! I am trying to use libreelec on Orange Pi3 instead of RP3+ but i have a problem.

    I cant install any soft from repositories. Kodi just says "cannot connect to repository".

    My network connection is fine. I can download addons.xml.gz from my PC. Only error i see is

    1. CRepository: index has wrong digest 48ce23c770b230375682ae1d559fb67e9fb87ee8e198f2e0076159ae6a660369, expected:

    with empty "expected".

    Image was taken from Index of /

    How can i fix this?

    Thanks an advance.

  • Sounds like something broken on the Kodi (or mirrror) side. Nothing you can do locally. If it's still and issue (hasn't resolved itself) you need to flag it in the Kodi forums and include the full debug log - not just snippets.