Upgrade to 7.90.007: lost screen?!

  • Hi All,

    I have a Raspberry Pi B that was running 7.0.2 using a small (5") touchscreen. The screen worked but not the touch-portion. I was following a thread (LibreELEC) on how to get it to work, which involved upgrading to 7.90.007 to allow for manually loading a touchscreen library (tslib) as an addon. As soon as I did that, I half-lost the screen: I can see the "libreelec alpha" splash screen during booting, but then it fades to white and nothing shows. This even though Kodi is up and running: I can ssh in and the iPhone remote "sees" it as well! Any ideas on why the screen doesn't work anymore?

    It isn't the cable: running a different SD card with a working version of 7.0.2 everything works. Or running 7.90.007 using a different cable and normal monitor I get the same effect. So clearly between the splash and kodi something happens... Any ideas?


  • Thanks Grimson. I don't fully understand what is happening in the thread you link but I don't have service.lcdd installed. But again: when I turn it on, it works as I can see the libreelec/alpha splash screen. It's when kodi is loaded (I think) that the screen seems to lose its signal and fades to white...