New setup question

  • Hello all,

    I am about to buy a new tv for the bedroom, and looking at options to run Kodi on it as well. The two options I am thinking of at the moment are:

    1) Amazon Firestick 4K - however, I am not sure that relying on wifi to read the files stored on the NAS will be the best option.

    2) Raspberry Pi 4b - would be ideal from what I read on the Kodi forum and will be connected through Gigabit, however, with LibreELEC installed would I be able to control the Pi with the tv remote? (I currently can with LibreELEC installed on a Wetek Hub). And the most important for me, would I be able to start the Pi from the TV remote?

  • If the TV supports CEC, you can use the TV remote to control your LibreELEC RPi4.

    Most people, if not all, simply keep the RPi powered on 24/7. Once powered down, the RPi won't restart via a remote, unless your TV has some fancy CEC support (I wouldn't count on it).