Joypad support

  • I've searched, but can't quite work out which off the shelf cheap controller I'd be best to go with for games playing with emulators and Kodi.

    There's an Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Switch controller etc. Wired, wireless etc.

    I mainly want a cheap one as an alternative to the Kore remote as CEC isn't supported on my TV. Wireless is desirable, with a USB, be nice to use on emulators, be nice if they were plug and play.

    I might be able to pick up a cheapish one in the sales.

    Any recommends? What will work without fuss?

  • I've used a Logitech gamepad F710 on LE without any issues (Not used it for emulation but should work) Not too sure if £32 (Amazon) or £26 (Ebay refurbished) is "cheapish" but it is wireless, supported and good quality.