LibreELEC (Leia) 9.2.0

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    LE 9.2 does not exist for Amlogic devices. We got fed-up with working in an awful vendor kernel and changed our focus to development of mainline kernel support. LE10 (Kod 19) is planned to have support for C2 again.

    Or, has the Odroid C2 (and the upcoming Odroid 'C4') development and releases been 'delegated' to the CoreELEC group ?

    I've been testing 'their' 9.2.2 release without issue (though they don't have 'your' repository(ies) )...

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    There are some known caveats with the Amlogic mainline codebase right now, but the core OS is in good shape on the C2 and this morning I added support for the Odroid C4 to my work-in-progress branch. LE will continue to champion upstream Linux kernel development and the future of Linux and Amlogic (and Allwinner, Rockchip, Raspberry Pi, etc.) support within Kodi; for our own personal fun and amusement, to benefit the wider open source community, and never for profit. If you're familiar with the author Douglas Adams, everything to do with CE is ring-fenced with an "SEP field".

  • So, is the next 'update' for the Odroid 'C2' and 'C4' still targeted for the next major release ('10.x') ?

    Though I 'would' prefer to only deal with '1' distribution... I had wanted the latest version available (to match my x86 installs) which CE offered...

    And, they looked like Mentiads 'to me'...

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    There are some logical milestones to complete before we can give a definite yes, but current intent is to resume Amlogic support in LE10. One thing that I can confirm though, there will be no "updates" from older releases. Users will need to clean install due to changes to boot process.