Unofficial LE for RK356x RK3328\RK3399 3288\3188

  • I noticed that the Firefly Station M3 was supported but I could not identify a DTB for this model.

    There are images for M3, but they require manual operations, I do not publish these versions.

    Ver 20230724 kernel 6.4.3

  • Just a quick heads up.

    Tested Rockchip dev build 20230805144010-e014594-rk3568.

    Changed DTB to matching one for an ODROID M1. Booted into it, made some tests.


    • Display output ( 4k resol. w/ LG 34WK95U-W over HDMI w/ sound output, Full-HD with Panasonic 2015 TV)
    • CEC control, Panasonic 2015 TV
    • Sound output over HDMI
    • Wired networking

    Does not work:

    • Accelerated video playback.

    Overall this looks not too bad.

  • Cloud i have an lastest build for nanopi r6s (rk3588s) or nanopc t6 (rk3588), Thanks

    I had tried 20230111155136 for nanopi r6s from SD card, it didn't work。

  • Hello, from the official download page, I have to put on my tv box assembly

    Hugsun X99 TV BOX LibreELEC-RK3399.arm-11.0.3-hugsun-x99.img.gz.

    Your assemblies are also installed (I change dtb), but for some reason wafai and sound do not work.

    How to fix it, what assembly to install

    The main thing for me is to load the assembly in emmc