Fanless Mini-ITX board recommendations

  • My prehistoric Intel Atom box running Kodi just popped after nearly 10 years of daily use :( But that means it's time for an upgrade and a bit of tinkering..

    I have a lovely Mini-ITX case that I want to keep (it looks good under the tv!), so I kinda want to stick with the Mini-ITX form factor if I can.

    Any recommendations? I'm looking for something quiet (ideally fanless) and it being tried-and-tested, well-supported hardware would be a massive benefit. Ability to do 4k would be nice, but not essential.

  • I just bought a Asrock J4015-ITX recently and highly rate it. Does 4k fine, no HDR yet but thats a wider Linux problem. Found it even works fine with 2GB DIMMS which helped keep cost down. 2 x 4GB DIMMS seem overkill and unnecessary for LE.