LibreELEC 9.1.502 attempting to drive tv @ 13Hz

  • Hardware spec:

    Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB

    LibreElec version: LibreELEC 9.2 Beta 2 (9.1.502)

    Log file attached

    I updated the Raspberry Pi to the latest firmware (Oct 4 2019 15:15:29) via the kodi interface.

    All works fine when connected via HDMI to a computer monitor.

    When connected to my Sony A1 tv (TV spec), the LibreELEC logo displays when booting, then the TV switches to 4096x2160 @ 13Hz (according to the overlay text) and the display goes blank.

    I ran

    /opt/vc/bin/tvservice -m CEA

    which gave the output:

    Group CEA has 1 modes:

    (prefer) mode 16: 1920x1080 @ 60Hz 16:9, clock:148MHz progressive

    I tried adding the following to config.txt:




    It seems to use that setting when booting then after the LibreELEC logo has displayed the TV still switches to 4096x2160 @ 13Hz and the display goes blank again.

    I have tried using the resolution whitelisting within Kodi to just allow 1920x1080 @ 60Hz, but it made no difference.

    Output of dmesg attached,

    'lspci' gave command not found.

    Output of lsusb isattached.


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