After going to wintertime wired connection doesn't work - seeing wrong date/time

  • Hi,

    In Netherlands we went to winter time last night. This morning my PI3B with latest LibreElec didn't have a network connection. Date was 28 april 2019. DHCP doesn't work, manual setting IP doesn't work. When I make a WIFI connection correct date is shown and it works.

    What can I do to make the wired connection work again?

  • I'm a bit embarrased to say that was it. I ruled the router out because > 10 devices still worked (wireless & wired). And the Pi got a lease thru DHCP for the wireless connection so I thought DHCP was working.

    But ... have you tried turning it on / off again worked this time. I hope we get rid of the summer / winter time regime in Europe .... not logical for humans or electronic devies.

    Klojum: thanks!