LibreELEC Mainline AMLGX

  • AMLGX looks very promising as the future basis for LibreELEC on Amlogic devices. However I primarily use my TV boxes (H96 /A95X) for projector application. Some features that work on PC based Kodi and also exist in the 3.14 based Amlogic kernel have proven invaluable and I would like to flag them as highly desirable for the future platform:

    • Rotation - Although rotation is not consistently supported across all file types, it is currently possible to rotate certain media using metadata. I do not see any capabilities in mainline kernel or in the LibreELEC DRM AMLGX implementation to allow for rotation. Users of TV boxes for portrait signage applications would appreciate this too.
    • Non-linear stretch (works on CoreELEC currently with wide zoom setting) - Subjective opinion , but extremely good for watching 4:3 material on a big screen. This function is embedded in 3.14 kernel but would not likely be in future LibreELEC without special work using GL or GLES
    • Brightness and Contrast (available currently on player GUI) - Crucial in setting a watchable environment especially to enhance the so called “artistic cinematography” of movies which results in exceptionally low contrast/brightness on dark scenes. I can speak from experience since I previously used an RPI3 which did not have these settings and the Amlogic player was like a breath of fresh air. The usual feedback on this request is that the end device (eg. TV/projector/monitor) settings should be used, but it is my experience that the result is never quite the same - analogous perhaps to turning up the volume on a radio with a weak station signal. However I note that newer STBs and SBCs like the N2 do not appear to have the required register capability in the SOC - seems to be a retrograde step.