Libreelec installation for NAND at MINI MX S905

  • Hi all,

    I will make a NAND installation with an SD Card or USB-Stick of Libreelec on any MINI MX S905 Boxes.

    I search this file... or an Other update zip file with Libreelec or Coreelec.

    Does anyone know where I can download the file or can someone make it available.

    Or is there another way to flash the NAND of the BOX directly via SD card or usb-stick.

    Thank's for your Help.


  • LibreELEC Nand/CoreELEC Nand

    Only possible with SSH use PuTTY

    Use at your own risk!

    It is useless knowledge if not shared the world.

  • Hi erbas,

    Thanks for the answer.

    Is there a way to flash the box without having to use "instatointernal".

    Unfortunately, I can not always bring a laptop with me, sometimes I have to flash a box without a laptop.

    As far as I know there was the possibility with Libreelec 7.x.x.x times.

    Best regards


  • If there is friend I don't know!

    Always use this method in my boxes.

    It is useless knowledge if not shared the world.

  • as far as I know, the installation is also via the following 3 files ...

    "aml_autoscript", "factory_update_param.aml" and "LibreELEC-".

    Do you know where I can get the files?

    With this method you can install the box directly via usb-stick or SD card, without having to use "installtointernal".



  • With this method you can install the box directly via usb-stick or SD card, without having to use "installtointernal".

    With this method You probably brick the box.

    Better prepair a SD card and try to run LE.

    If LE is running from SD without problems, You can try install installtointernal, but first try to get the original ROM of Your box to be able to go back if installtointernal fails.


    LE 7 is very old, there is no support from developer

  • The method still works but unless your capable of producing the files in that required format i don't think you will find much of anything at current revisions using that method anymore as for public support most developers have moved up to the current method which is allowing alternative external boots and then migrating that to internal via the various install to internal scripts floating around...

    What your asking about was more or less using the original boxes android's version of recovery and its update function back in the old days prior to the newer methods being currently used being known about out in the public...

  • hm... i am not sure anyone is producing their distributions like that anymore... the old way basically used the existing Androids recovery setup to take the older OE or LE file which then installed to internal flash... that update zip used to be produced by using the make amlpkg command when building the firmware which i don't think is functional in any of the current build versions from any developer that i have seen for quite awhile now...

    Still tho there is no reason why you can't make a sd or usb stick that would flash directly to the box if that is what your intention is...

    I think most of the developments i have seen take the position of creating a bootable system using LE or CE or whatever and then allow you to move it to internal once the user knows the system is working ok...

    I never retain Android on any boxes as i install my own system so i may be off somewhat in my assumptions as i don't use LE or CE other then to keep up on both their respective toolchain/build setup just out of curiosity...

    I have my own tool for building bootloaders for all of the known boxes which i keep on a sd card with my OS and then install directly to internal on the box, so i am doing things a bit different then current LE or CE...