Looking for volume control remote (like powermate)

  • Hi, I'm using the rpi with libreelec 9.1.5 as car-pc now since my windows car-pc is broken. On windows i used the griffin powermate for controlling volume and back / forward of music. The powermate was recognized as input device by raspbian I tested before, but I guess for libreelec I have to install/compile a driver somehow (i'm a linux newbie).

    Is there anyone who uses a powermate with libreelec or has a similar device? Because I want a fixed controller installation in the car, a normal remote will be only my second option. But if this will be the only working solution: Does anybody know a very simple remote to just control volume and back / forward? Or even better, something like a potentiometer to control volume (which would be enough) with libreelec / Kodi?

    Thx in advance!

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