total dunce would like easy guide

  • Hello all,

    My son gave me a raspberry Pi zero w for my 70th birthday present.

    I've played with it but decided to see if it will work with libreelc, I used Kodi a couple of years ago but tend to just look at Amazon Prime stuff - and I think I can do that via Kodi.

    I do understand that the Zero is not exactly the best Pi to use!!! but I may as well see if it is at least usable until I fancy making a robot!

    Trouble is I have got Kodi working but I can't find any way of putting Amazon on it. I can't work out how to get the web browser working either.

    I downloaded a repro onto a USB stick - but the file manager in Kodi has found the stick, found a folder - but does not see the zip file.

    Is there a simple - very simple - step by step guide anywhere that deals with at least a start in using both libreeec and kodi?

    I feel an idiot, I've used computers since the 1970s - but trial and error seems very slow with this set up!


  • For install a repo you need to be in Add-ons > Install from zip file > you probably will get a warning saying that unknown sources is disabled, since is you first time, click in settings and enable it > back and install from zip again > now you find you usb stick and you see your zip file to install.

    Check the Kodi Wiki, you will find a lot of useful things there.

    Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! (inscribed in large friendly letters)

    My hardware is a Raspberry Pi 3b